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Silent Gliss 7605 


Hand operated

Weight capacity

Light - heavy

Fixing options

Top/ceiling + Face/wall

Stock colours

White and black

Bending radius

20 cm

Intended application

Domestic & commercial

Heading options

2C, 2C Wave, 6283, 6098 

For more detailed information on heading options click here. 

Silent Gliss 6101 Profile.png

The Silent Gliss 7605 is a modern approach to a curtain rod. Rectangular in shape, it is quite unique and has a somewhat industrial appearance. Strong and rigid, this profile is ideal if you are limited with fixing points. 

Available with your choice of flush or stud endcaps as shown below. These components are steel so are also suitable for custom powder coating if required. 

Silent Gliss 7605 Metroflat and grey wave curtain.jpg
Silent Gliss 7605 Metroflat and Wave curtain.jpg
Silent Gliss Metroflat and white wave curtain.jpg
Silent Gliss 7605 Metroflat with Red wave curtain.jpg
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