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Honeycomb Blinds

Our Honeycomb Blinds feature award-winning designs and industry leading construction for all elements. Five different cell sizes, three fabric densities and a multitude of lifting systems – including child-safe cordless and motorised options.


Utilising unique construction and advanced materials, our honeycomb blinds are made to provide superior insulation.


A well-insulated home will make you feel more comfortable and reduce your home’s energy costs. Windows represent gateways through which surprising amounts of energy for heating and cooling can be lost. The pockets of our unique cellular fabrics create a layer of insulation, for substantial energy savings and protection against energy loss.

Our honeycomb blinds can significantly protect your home from circulation of indoor and outside air which causes energy loss – to create a more comfortable living environment year-round, while helping you leave a smaller carbon footprint.


Please contact us for full technical specifications including minimum recess dimensions, electrical requirements (for motorised options) and fabric guidance.

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