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Whether you're after room darkening, space division, thermal protection, or just a touch of elegance, curtains can immediately transform your space like you wouldn't believe.


The Wave curtain (otherwise known as S-Fold or Ripplefold) is one of the most popular styles of curtain to compliment grand interiors in recent years. From a plan view, the continuous "S" maintains a uniform spacing which creates a lux look and feel.


We also offer many other more traditional heading styles such as pinch pleat, pencil pleat, inverted and gathered. 

Regardless of your heading choice, all of our curtains are manufactured right here in Melbourne with the utmost care and attention to detail.


There's no point pairing great curtains with below par or average hardware. We manufacture our own curtain tracks using the best quality components from Silent Gliss, the architects of silence. With multiple systems offered dependant on your choice of operation and curtain weight, their products are sure to provide many years of smooth operation.


Please contact us for full technical specifications including minimum recess dimensions, electrical requirements (for motorised options) and fabric guidance.

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