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Silent Gliss 6970 heavy duty hand operated track.jpg

Silent Gliss 6970 


Hand operated

Weight capacity

Medium - heavy 

Fixing options

Top/ceiling + Face/wall + Direct + Recess

Stock colours


Bending radius

25 cm

Intended application

Domestic & commercial

Heading options

2C Roller, 2C Wave roller 

For more detailed information on heading options click here. 

Silent Gliss 10850 Profile .png

The Silent Gliss 6970 is square in shape which makes it ideal for recessing, either through direct fixing or by utilising the Silent Gliss 10862 recess profile shown below. Unlike all other systems we offer, this track has a wider channel opening and a different insert option which can take much heavier weights than other Silent Gliss products.  

Example of direct fixed recess option shown below. 

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