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SG 6243 Angled.jpg

Silent Gliss 6243 


Hand operated

Weight capacity

Light - medium 

Fixing options

Direct fix only/recess

Stock colours


Bending radius

20 cm

Intended application

Domestic & commercial

Heading options

2C, 2C Wave 

For more detailed information on heading options click here. 

Silent Gliss 6243 Profile .png

The Silent Gliss 6243 is a slimline curtain track system that is designed to be set into your ceiling. This installation method ensures your curtains are as close to the ceiling as possible.  

Please note, it is critical that this product is screwed directly into a timber substrate. For this reason, it is not commonly possible to retrofit this product into an existing ceiling. 

If you're currently building and considering using this product, please contact us​ for further information regarding ceiling preparation. 

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