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Silent Gliss 3840 cord operated track.jpg

Silent Gliss 3840 


Cord operated

Weight capacity


Fixing options

Top/ceiling + Face/wall

Stock colours

White and black

Bending radius

20 cm

Intended application

Domestic & commercial

Heading options

2C, 2C Wave, 6283, 6098 

For more detailed information on heading options click here. 

Silent Gliss 3841 Profile.png

The Silent Gliss 3840 cord operated track is slim and unobtrusive. It utilises swivel clamps for any ceiling mount installation, meaning no visible brackets once installed. Cords are available in either white or black. 

This product is not suitable for heavy weight curtains. All curtain headings must hang below the track and curtains must not drag on the floor as this will create extra resistance. Please refer to technical data sheet for maximum curtain weights which must be strictly followed. 

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