Panel glides are vertical hanging panels of fabric 80cms - 120cms wide. They can be configured as "connected" where the leading panel is connected to and draws along all others or "free flowing" allowing the user complete versatility and choice in panel position throughout the day.

In any instance where there is no stack zone for the panels next to the glazing being covered, it is possible to bend the track at 90 degrees and stack the panels on an adjoining wall if space and your fabric choice permits.

Operation methods available: Cord or wand.

Fabric selection is crucial in achieving the desired end result both aesthetically and in performance. There are multiple factors that need to be considered when deciding what fabric will be most suited in your application. Requirements will vary depending on the room location, product being considered and aspect of the façade. In many instances you may have two layers of furnishings with each of them meeting different requirements. To learn more about options available and to help you decide what is most suitable for your project, please view our fabric guidelines and information page here.


Please contact us for full technical specifications including minimum recess dimensions, electrical requirements (for motorised options) and fabric guidance.