Interior Designers and Decorators - Comprehensive Service.

At Shade Collective, we understand that when we're on site for one of your projects we are an extension of your business. How we operate and the end result we achieve will ultimately play a large role in the overall result you deliver to your clients. Our experienced, professional and passionate approach will leave your clients impressed and you'll be looking forward to working with us on your next project. 

Whether you already have a solid plan and simply require a company to execute, or would like some guidance, we're able to provide you with as much support as needed. 

Our unbiased and realistic advice will always ensure the best outcome for your client. With sound market knowledge and a wealth of experience, we're able to advise on suitable systems, provide complete written specification guides and arrange samples for your design boards.

If you do plan on engaging Shade Collective, please ensure you have read and understand our WH&S policy. This will ensure a safe workplace for all.

Explore our collection and get in touch for your next project.