Chains and loose cords within reach of young children can be fatal. In line with current legislation, all Shade Collective domestic installations involving a looped chain or cord hanging below 1600mm above fixed floor level will be fitted with a cleat or chain/cord tensioner. 


There are a number of ways you can reduce blind and curtain related risks in your home. The first would be to completely eliminate the risk by avoiding chains and cords. Other control options for most systems include motorisation, clutch operation (for roller blinds) or wand operation for curtains and panel glides.

In any instance where a looped chain or cord does hang below 1600mm, our installers will mount a cleat or chain tensioner to ensure the hazard is removed. This must be completed by law whether you have children in your home or not.


Furniture that children could potentially climb on should be kept away from all windows and blind controls.

If you have specific safety concerns with your installation, please point them out to our representative during your consultation so we can best cater to any site specific safety requirements.

Have an installation coming up? Please ensure you view our WH&S Policy here.