Please forward all tender requests to the email below:

Shade Collective Pty Ltd is building code compliant and commercially capable. Experienced and professional, our hands on approach is systematic, detailed and delivers. Our streamlined operation and attention to detail ensures a quality end result for your client each and every time.

Our efficiency and communication with suppliers ensures we deliver on time and within budget. Depending on the size and complexity of your project, we may also provide a strategy plan outlining scope of works, objectives and a delivery timetable.

Above all else, safety of our installers and others in or around the work zone is paramount. View our WH&S policy here or get in touch to request a site specific safety plan.


Our installation team understand the quality expected of them and will execute all installations to the highest of standards, no shortcuts here.

All of our installers hold the following (at a minimum):

Construction Induction (white/red card)

EWP Operator Ticket

Working with children check

Explore our collection and get in touch for your next project.